As you know our education sector is very important in each human being life. High-level education changes our lifestyle also. In same way good health situation also needed. Exactly we can’t give an answer to these questions, it depends on the particular human being lifestyle. Most of them are think that well-educated people will get healthy life from there well salary background. And in the same way in another face without good health, we can’t give better educations to students. We need both these sectors in our lifestyle. It is like 2 faces of in one coin. As we all know education is the most important sector in our lifeline. Without proper and well education we can’t survival better in our life.

All the things in our lives are depending on our better education line. Since even parents use to look for better life education to their kid's life. For that, they use to select better institutions, better departments to be in the top level. But that kid must have good health also. They must be physically and mentality good fit. One should have good wealth to study well in all departments in education life. But now a day’s most parents are busy with their career and they don’t get time to spend time with their kids and they will send them to play schools at the beginning itself. But this will affect kids mentally. So, our parents are the best teachers to keep kids mentally and physically good. Parent’s negative behavior will affect kids mentally upset. This will send them to another serious issue too. Now there are many cases in same situations and they failed to get better solutions. So, to learn and study better education one should have better and good health always. So keep in mind both the sectors and treat them the care like.